Applications Re-open January 2022


Dear Butte is a writer in residence focused on offering a solitary space to create song and prose. The house provides refuge to all types of writers; screen writers, novelist, journalist, songwriters and composers. The residency is offered to one writer, once a month for a stay of 7 days. Upon completion of the stay the resident writer is invited to do a reading, hold a performance or host a community workshop for continual fostering of the arts and humanities in the community of Butte, MT. Community engagement is a key factor in Dear Butte’s larger agenda. We want to enjoy the work you have come here to create and learn from you and your talents. The visiting residents’ contributions are a very important aspect to the growth and revitalization of Butte’s cultural landscape. These are the core values of our mission, to provide you the writer a place to create and in hopes you garner some inspiration from both the citizens of Butte as well as the unique surroundings. Dear Butte strives to create a symbiotic relationship between the visiting residents’ creative contributions and the community’s fascinating history.


There is no cost to the resident artist to stay at Dear Butte, there is a $25 non refundable application fee. The application shall be submitted in essay format in a pdf file. Dear Butte is committed to providing creative space for those who need it most. Financial obligations are purposely kept at a minimum so as to not be burdensome to the potential resident. The space is meant to be utilized as a workspace, the residents time shall be spent in submersion of their chosen project. Community involvement at the completion of the residents’ stay will ensure accountability on the part of the visiting resident.


Essay Requirements

In 750 words or less please describe:


 What attracts you to utilize the space offered by Dear Butte?

 A brief history of your life in writing and or music.

 What you hope to accomplish artistically during your time at Dear Butte.

 Describe your strengths in either teaching, lecturing or performing and how you’d implement such disciplines to engage the town of Butte, MT at the conclusion of your stay. 


*Save your essay as a PDF file and attach it to the form. Make sure it is smaller than 10mb is size.


Thank you so much for your interest in staying at Dear Butte. Your application will be thoroughly reviewed and you will be contacted within two weeks of submission.

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Essay must be a PDF

No more than 750 words

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